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Aesthetic interiors for beautiful structures

We understand that Legend's customers are people looking for enhanced value in the property bought. Along with creating properties that are aesthetically appealing on the exterior, we also help make sufficient provisions for customization or value additions in the interiors. Embellished by the touch of an Interior Designer, you can transform a space into just the cozy cocoon you want it to be. In our endeavour to provide excellent customer service, we bring to you a few established Interior Designers that Legend highly recommends. The Designers mentioned below have stylized several spaces and can help you personalize and add life to your space. The work showcased is not limited to Legend properties.

H.P.Lakhani Associates:

H.P Lakhani AssociateH. P. Lakhani Associates: Established in 1994 by Haresh Lakhani; H.P. Lakhani Associates is a pro- learning organization consisting of a strong team of architects, consultants, engineers and interior designers. The team continually researches in an attempt to discover new uses and applications for natural & recycled materials and newer, cost-effective & environment-friendly ways of designing; without compromising on the quality of their art.

Haresh, a design graduate from LS Raheja college of Architecture, Mumbai; has been practicing for the last 18 years in Hyderabad and has to his credit many awards. He has recently won the Best Architect Award in residential category at the AICA Awards 2011, Pune (at national level), and this year their project has been shortlisted for the WAF 2011, Barcelona. He has successfully executed many architectural and interior projects in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai ranging from gated communities, apartment complexes, individual residences, hospitality, commercial spaces, retail spaces and hospitals.

Haresh firmly believes in applying a positive synergy of the age- old principles of design with the latest of technological innovations, thus optimizing on space and spatial utility. His work is characterized by simplicity of shape and volume, with an emphasis on spatial solutions, enhanced by the use of different textures, changing heights and forms. Great importance is given to the management of natural light, enabling him to create a natural drama with light and shadow.

Flow and continuity of space can be seen in all his designs, in the elimination of hard and fast lines that demarcate the outside and the inside, allowing architecture, landscape and interiors to be one, just as one organic structure.

H.P.Lakhani Associates:



A well-known interior designer Mr. Kamal Darak has designed several noteworthy spaces and is often seen embellishing yet another Legend property with his artistic sense of design.

Mohan Associates:

Belonging to the band of new-age interior designers, Mohan Associates' work is riveting and elegant. Working towards making sophisticated design affordable, their style is known to make any space vibrant and full of life.